Lead your scrappy band of Speck NanoBots to colonize the land of GloWest...all of it. But it's not that simple. You don't think you're the only band of scrappy pioneers, do you?
What's new at BlackApps?

Mobile devices are not only viable alternatives to desktops, they are a major growth engine for your business or message. BlackApps can help you capitalize on this amazing opportunity.

BlackApps is a multi-mobile applications provider. We do not focus on one platform (iOS, Android, etc.), but on the best platform for a specific application or client need.

Our own product, Speck: Pioneers™, is now sold on iTunes but we produce applications for clients as well, from mobile versions of corporate sites, to smaller, focused mobile features.

So head on over to iTunes and purchase Speck: Pioneers or contact BlackApps (along with Atlas Works and Raven Creative) about how we can help your company enter mobile space.